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Learn how to drive in Ottawa and get your Ontario driver's licence

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Why Choosing An Online Driving School?

It's important to learn the basics and be comfortable with driving before you move onto more complex topics. The more you know about driving, the safer you will be. This will ensure that you drive safely. Driving is a privilege, not a right. Don't ever think that you can drive with no instruction at all. A driving lesson is not just about reading signs and watching out for other drivers. There are several important aspects to consider. Learning how to read signs can lead to more safety and ease of driving for you. This is very important, especially in the city that you live in. Driving lessons are important if you want to feel safe while you are driving on the road.

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I Already Know How To Drive

Even if you already have driving experience, you should still go to a driving school to learn the fundamentals and the rules in your area. It will greatly reduce the chances of getting into an accident and reduce the chances violating the laws. If you are looking for a driving school in Ontario you will learn everything in our program. The lessons are design to teach you the rules and driving skills to get your driver's licence in Ontario

What You Will Learn

Requirements for driving in Ontario

Getting Ready To Drive

Creative Director

Know your vehicle

Get into position

Keep a clear view

Find your blind spots

Fasten your seat belt

Child safety

Turn on headlights


Parallel parking

Parking on a hill

Roadside stop

Pulling out from a roadside stop


Stopping at railway crossings

Stopping at school crossings

Stopping for school buses

Stopping for pedestrian crossovers

Driving On The Freeway

Entering a freeway

Driving along a freeway

Leaving a freeway

High Occupancy Vehicle

Traffic Signs

Regulatory signs

High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) signs

Warning signs

Temporary condition signs Information and direction signs

Traffic Signs

Green light

Yellow light

Red light

Lights and arrows

Advance green light or arrow

Simultaneous left turn Transit priority signals

Changing Directions

Turning a corner

Right turns

Right turn on a red light

Left turns

Left-turn lanes

Left turn on a red light

Driving through roundabouts

Changing Position

Changing lanes


Passing at night

Passing and climbing lanes


Receive Access To Free Driving Lesson


Receive Access To Free Driving Lesson


Access To Free Driving Lesson